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The Youth Engagement Service @ Our Space, based on Shipquay Street is funded by the Public Health Agency. YES is for Young People throughout the Derry City area to access services and programmes which promote positive mental health, physical health and wellbeing within the one physical space.

Overall the YES aims to provide a safe haven for young people to access education, advice and support services on any issues they may be facing without fear of prejudice, judgement or exploitation. We also provide an outreach service for those who can’t access the city centre.

Our Services

Drop In

Social and Recreational Drop In for 14-25 year olds, a safe space to relax, chill out, meet with friends, chat with staff and make use of the Imacs, music equipment, Playstation and any other facilities you want or need.


Our staff team are trained to offer advice and support on a range of issues and if we can't give you the advice or support you need we can sign post to services where we have robust referral pathways and fostered many links.

1-2-1 Support

Offered on a 6-8 week basis initially tailored to meet the needs of young people.

  • Common issues we aim to address are;
  • Anger Management
  • Low Mood
  • Self Esteem
  • Social Isolation
  • Behaviour Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Confidence Building
  • Resilience
  • WiFi Access

    Free WiFi available

    Music & Arts

    We have a wide range of instruments and decks that young people can use at their leisure, we always offer access to music lessons at different times throughout the year for 14-18 year olds. We run monthly music events where yougn people get the chance to showcase their talents on stage.


    We have a gaming area with Playstation and games and access to iPads and iMacs.

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    The YES team begin work on the new location on Shipquay Street


    All young people are welcome to our drop in sessions


    Youth Work Works


    We partner with local leisure businesses to offer great opportunities to our members


    We love music! Our club offers a range of musical instruments including DJ equipment.


    Our annual Feel Good Fortnight Event is held every September

    Opening Times This Week

    Mon 13th Sept - 3pm-5:30pm (14-17) Drop In

    Tues 14th Sept - 12noon-3:30pm (18-25) Drop In. 4-6pm - 1-2-1's

    Wed 15th Sept - 12noon-5:30pm (14-17) Drop In. 4-6pm - 1-2-1's

    Thurs 16th Sept - 12noon-3:30pm (18-25) Drop In. 4-6pm - 1-2-1's

    Fri 17th Sept - 12noon-2:30pm (14-17) Drop In. 6pm - SKATE Event Guildhall Square

    Detached Team will be on street Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night 7-11pm

    Upcoming Events

    • 14-17 September 2021
    • All Ages
    • #FGF2021

    Feel Good Fortnight

    2 weeks of amazing activities

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